Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Good News & Some Bad News

I think I'll begin with the good news. I got a blurb in the current issue of Southwest Art Magazine. The plug was on the Art Values page. My cyber colleague Chris Stott, and artists Nancy Bea Miller and Lucinda Kasser were also were included on the page. The theme was food inspired paintings. Carol Marine, another cyber friend, and fabulous artist, is featured in this issue on page 79. It's really fun to see your work in a publication!

. . . and now the bad news. My first, and longest running gallery is closing it's doors. Twinhouse will cease to exist November 1st. It had been a long, and fruitful relationship. Karen and I stopped by last week to pick up our remaining paintings, and say farewell. Susan Gibbs and Tiffany Hay were both there, and it was a pretty somber moment. Susan, the owner, had a laundry list of good reasons to move on, so it was understandble. Nonetheless it's sad to see it end. Twinhouse was one, if not the, nicest spaces in the city.

There is a positive side note to the story. There were three other galleries in the city that Karen and I had pondered approaching in the event that Twinhouse were to close. Each of those galleries contacted us the instant the news about Twinhouse reached the grapevine. That was very encouraging. Karen is still weighing the pros and cons, but it looks at this point like I'll be moving to Anne Irwin Gallery. I think it will be a good match.

Commission Update: I should be completing the Coke Bottle today. Tomorrow at the latest. I think it has turned out pretty good. I've been looking at it for so long now, I can't see it objectively. Karen is very enthusiastic about it, so that makes me feel a bit more optomistic. I'll post it in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

I saw the nice coverage in Southwest~ congratulations!!

Bummer about the gallery closing though. it's always a bumpy ride, this art career thing, huh? But I am happy to hear you may be joining Anne Irwin Gallery. I hope you do. I think you'll do very well with Anne. I know I do~

Leslie Sealey said...

Best of luck with your new gallery! It sounds like a good one. And, a big CONGRATULATIONS on being in Southwest Art! I will go get a copy this weekend. : )

Amarjeet Prasad said...

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