Saturday, April 07, 2018

Karen's Solo Show: Principle Gallery 2018

Karen and Frank checking out the gallery prior to Friday's opening

Karen and I just got back from Charleston where we attended the opening reception of Karen's Solo Show Friday evening at Principle Gallery. 

Airliner over Charleston

Our drive was a breeze and when we arrived we were greeted by spectacular weather. After we met up with Frank, Thomas and Greer we made our way out into the streets of Charleston. 

View from the steps of the Gibbs Museum

One of the greatest things about Charleston is its architecture. 

Queen Street

After a long walk and our traditional dinner at CO on King street we headed back to the gallery to check in one more time before we called it a night.

View of the Gibbs Museum from our apartment Friday morning

Thursday night we made the decision to finally visit the Gibbs Museum. It's right next door to Principle Gallery but we've never gone in, so Friday morning after a walk down to the battery, and breakfast at Eli's Table we were there. I wasn't sure what to expect, but was really impressed. One of the highlights was painting by one of my favorite realist painters Robert Bechtle. 

Kona Kai  1967 by Robert Bechtle

After an early dinner at the Brown Dog Deli on Broad Street we headed back to the apartment to get cleaned up for the reception.

Critiquing one of Karen's paintings

Doors opened at 5, and it wasn't long . . .  

A nice crowd

. . . before the gallery began to fill.

Close Analysis

Karen told me later that night that a lot of the guests she spoke with were artists themselves, which was great for her because she loves talking art.

One of five red dots

It was a pretty diverse crowd and from the conversations I overheard they all seemed to really love the work.

Another red dot

The opening was to run from 5 to 8 but it was after 9 before the doors finally closed.

Thomas working the room

By the end of the evening Frank, Thomas and Greer and done their job and sold five of Karen's paintings. We said our goodbyes that night because the Cooper Bridge Run was the next morning and we weren't sure how it was going to affect traffic, and we wanted to bug out early. It was a really nice couple of days in a fun city. Can't wait until next year to go back.