Monday, October 24, 2011

the 16 Patton Show in Asheville

Patron checking out Forgotten Dreams

This past Saturday evening we attended the opening night reception for Karen's group show at the 16 Patton Gallery in Asheville, NC. Her work was presented along with that of Karin Jurick and Suzy Schultz. We headed up mid-morning which, entirely by chance, coincided with the departure of Karin Jurick, and we wound up playing an impromptu game of tag as we passed each other periodically on the drive up.

Standing by Stand Off

The weather was absolutely perfect that day, and the city was saturated with tourists. We were all staying in the Haywood Park Hotel in the center of town, and arrived there simultaneously. Our room wasn't quite ready, so we dumped our bags in Karin's room, and headed out to find a place for lunch. Our first two choices had long waits, which was fortuitous because we discovered a wonderful mediterranean restaurant called Jerusalem Garden Cafe. We lingered there as long as we could, but the show was to begin at 5 pm, and we needed to return to the hotel and prepare for the show.

Karen talking with Douglas Hoover

Receptions usually take a little while to heat up, and there were only a few visitors present when we arrived. One of the first people to walk in was Douglas Hoover, an artist and graphic designer from North Carolina. Doug was a really nice guy, and we all had great time talking with him. As the evening progressed the gallery began to fill, and soon it was buzzing. Suzy was in Los Angeles, but the two Kare(i)n's were busy most of the night discussing their work with enthusiastic patrons, while I recorded the event on film.

Gallery goer admiring a portion of Karin Jurick's wall

Early the next morning we shared a wonderful breakfast with Karin at Restaurant Solace, then packed up and headed back to Atlanta. The weather was great, the mountains were beautiful and we had a collection of Richard Matheson short stories playing on the iPod. It made for a delightful ride home.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jaguar XKE

Jaguar XKE | 6 x 6 | oil on panel

Not too long ago there was a British Car Show in town, and I went to check it out. My first car was a MGB-GT, so I have a soft spot in my heart for British sports cars. It was a really good show, and I got a lot of photos. A bunch of candid shots and potential painting reference material. I'd like to use some of that photography one day for a large painting, but for now I'll indulge myself with a small one. If you'd like to bid on this painting, you can participate in the auction by clicking here.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 Up 3 Down

4 Up 3 Down | 6 x 6 | oil on panel

I just can't seem to get enough of this old tarnished silverware, but it may be time to add in some knives and forks. If you'd like to bid on this painting, you can participate in the auction by clicking here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gumby Mug

Gumby Mug | 6 x 6 | oil on panel

A couple of years ago the Center for Puppetry Arts here in Atlanta had a special exhibit of Gumby related artifacts. It was a really good show. The gift shop, not surprisingly, had a multitude of Gumby items for sale, and I bought this mug before we left. It's a great little mug, and thought that maybe I should do a painting of it to go along with all the other mugs done over the years. You can access the auction for this painting by clicking here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Six Blocks

Six Blocks | 6 x 6 | oil on panel

Some childrens' blocks enlarged with a magnifying glass. To bid on this piece click here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Charleston Doorway

Charleston Doorway | 6 x 6 | oil on panel

On a recent trip to Charleston Karen and I were walking around the town when we came upon this open doorway. I couldn't resist stepping inside to get a shot. The entryway was showing its' age, but that terrific door, and the weathered wainscoting were inspiring. If you'd like to bid on this painting, you can access the auction by clicking here.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thank You Steve

Steve Jobs | 1955-2011

You made my life more productive, and much more fun. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I'm interviewed by ArtBookGuy

I was recently contacted by Michael K. Corbin to do an interview for his website ArtBookGuy. Michael is a writer specializing in books about art. In his own words, "Ultimately, ArtBookGuy is a brand ... a campaign and movement backed by my slogan, "Art For All People." Spreading art appreciation by turning folks on to emerging artists. No fear or snobbery. It teaches that art has unique power to unite us and change lives and the world. Human".

Michael is a great guy, and we had a good time discussing . . . me. So, if you have any interest in what I may have to say about my own paintings you can read the interview here. Karen was interviewed a few weeks earlier by Michael, and you can read her interview here.

I've got a few more paintings ready for the ebay auction block, and I'll begin listing them next Monday. As those auctions run in the background, I'll be doing some photography. I've picked up some new items as subject matter for paintings, and I'm excited to see how they are going to work.