Thursday, February 24, 2011

My First Book and Prints for Sale

Inspired by the years of successful sales Karen has had with her prints, and also by Karin Jurick and her new book 100 Faces BUST-ED, I've decided to venture into the realm of both. Utilizing Gallery Street, the same production company Karen uses for her fine art giclée prints, I've selected a few of my favorite paintings to offer as prints. The quality of the work produced at Gallery Street is outstanding and I'm very happy with the first set of proof prints. These will be offered on canvas, in multiple sizes, stretched or un-stretched and on paper as well. I will be adding to the list of paintings offered as prints in the future. I have also included an option to request a print of any painting from my site, the only stipulation being I may not have an image of adequate quality of every painting to produce a satisfactory print. I will have to do a search of my archive for an image of the requested painting, then have a proof print done. Hopefully this will result in a high quality print, but this may not always be the case.

I've also decided to put together a book. I had created a couple of books in the past using various online production companies, but was never completely satisfied with the results. Karin told me that she has just produced 100 Faces using blurb and was very happy with her book, so I took a few days and put together a collection of 39 images painted over the last few years. I have to say when my copy arrived I was extremely happy with the quality of the printing and the construction. The images of the paintings were spot on. If this book proves to be even a modest success, I'll definitely put together a second volume. I have a large (13 x 11 inch) hardback coffee table version with a dust jacket and a smaller (10 x 8) softcover version as well. If you click on the links they will redirect you to the blurb site where you can preview the entire book, and if you choose, make a purchase.

I'll be finishing up the final pass on the Stack of Blocks today. I'll post an image tomorrow of the completed painting, then it's back to the large Ketchup Bottle.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stacked Blocks in Progress: Day Two

5 7/8 x 24 oil on hardboard panel

It's no secret that I'm very fond of the Dick Blick cradled hardboard panels, but there are some gaps in the sizes they offer. One of my favorite sizes is the 12 x 24, which falls into that category. So, I took one of their 18 x 24's and cut it down. The larger section was used for the first Ketchup Bottle, and I worked out the composition above for the long skinny remaining piece. It is a very odd size, but I think it works. The first pass represents two days work. I think I'll offer it to Tree's Place for my show in July. Hopefully they'll like it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Condiments in Progress: First Pass

16 x 20 oil on hardboard panel

I've got another couple of paintings in the works at the moment. One is the new Ketchup Bottle above and the second is another Blocks piece. The under-painting on the Ketchup took three days and the first pass on the Blocks will be completed today. I'll post an image of it tomorrow. When these two are finished I'll begin a new large painting for Mason Murer Fine Art. It may be the most intensive painting I've tried to do yet but if it works out the way I hope, could wind up being one of my favorites. I really enjoy painting cars and airplanes, and this new piece will be an aircraft I shot at a recent airshow. It's going to be a challenge, and I readily admit I'm pretty apprehensive about its' size and complexity. If I take my time, it could pleasurable as well. I just need to get my head in the right place and have fun with it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Orange Bowl: Complete

12 x 12 oil on hardboard panel

The oranges (actually Clementines) took more time to finish up than I anticipated, but the variation between each days progress was so subtle that there wasn't much point in putting up an interim blog post. Figured I'd hold off, then post the completed painting. The image here doesn't show it very well, but I believe I got a little closer, in this piece, to achieving the elusive goal I have set for myself of painting porcelain "correctly". The translucentyness of that surface is really tough for me, but one of these days I'm going to get it right.

I've got another ketchup bottle in the works. I'll put up some "in progress" images in the next day or so. It's a little bigger than the previous piece at 16 x 20. This one has a pair of salt and pepper shakers incorporated into the composition. Glass and shiny metal . . . nuff said.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Blocks with Spyglass: Complete

12 x 16 oil on hardboard panel

I switched up the order a little and decided to work on the Blocks first rather than the Orange Bowl. I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Makes me want to incorporate the magnifying glass into more compositions.

I'm currently working out the details for a show in July at my new gallery in Orleans Massachusetts. The gallery is called Tree's Place. I was contacted by them a few weeks ago about coming on board and possibly having a one man show. If all goes as planned, it will be held there July 8th. This, the Ketchup Bottle and the Orange Bowl will be the first paintings slated for the show.

I've wanted to show at Tree's Place for sometime. Karen and I were in Cape Cod for a show a few years ago, and in our travels around the cape we stumbled upon their gallery. Coincidentally the gallery and we were both featured in separate articles in that months issue of American Art Collector and when we introduced ourselves they knew who we were. They were all very nice and we had a great visit that day.

I'll be mixing up the destinations of the next couple of paintings. I've got compositions ready to paint for Stricoff Fine Art and Mason Murer Fine Art. When those are done I'll get back to producing more work for the Tree's Place show. Now . . . back to the oranges.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ketchup Complete

12 x 24 oil on hardboard panel

I've been slogging away at the second pass on this piece for about a week now and I feel it's (nearly) complete. There's just a couple of dabs here and there I think it still needs, but all in all, I thought it was close enough to go ahead and post the image and call it done. The final disposition of this painting is yet to be determined. I should know in a couple of days if it's going where I hope it's going. I'll confirm it, most likely, in my next post.

Now it's back to the Oranges. I've commented a number of times in previous posts that related to paintings of porcelain that I have struggled to achieve the wonderful translucent creamieness of that surface. Duane Keiser does it beautifully. The bowl containing the oranges puts me back at that place once more. I've never really recreated that surface to my satisfaction and hope with this piece I can get a little closer. Karen showed me a technique that I used on the Ketchup Bottle that may get me there. We'll see.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blocks with Spyglass in Progress: Day Two

12 x 16 oil on hardboard panel

I got sidetracked yesterday on other matters and didn't have time to finish up the underpainting on the blocks, but I got an early start today and was able to complete the first pass. I don't think the second pass on this one will be too difficult. I love doing these blocks, especially with the magnifying glass as part of the composition. Tomorrow I'll return to the Ketchup Bottle. I'm excited and fearful simultaneously with that one. I just need to reject any notion of finishing it quickly and just take my time. I tend, on occasion, to get wrapped up in the desire to complete a painting in a hurry, rather than just allow whatever time is needed and enjoy the process. My goal tomorrow is to chill out and embrace that philosophy.