Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Single Coke

Single Coke  |  24 x 24  |  Oil on panel

Karen and I have just returned from Cape Cod where we attended the opening of our two person show on Saturday at Tree's Place Gallery. I'm going through the pix of the trip now and I'll post a blurb about that in a day or so. Presently, I've finished my second piece for the still life show at C. K. Contemporary Gallery opening September 6th in San Francisco. I've had this composition in mind for a while now, but wasn't sure if a single bottle would fly. Personally, I really like it, but ultimately its' success will be determined by the public. Now I think I have just enough time to do one more painting before that September deadline.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Big Drill No.2

Big Drill No.2  |  24 x 24  |  Oil on panel

I will be participating in a still life show at C. K. Contemporary Gallery in San Francisco on September 6th. Big Drill No.2 is the first of however many paintings I can get done in the time I have left for that show. My friend Jeff Cohen, owns this mighty drill and used it himself in a painting he created (that should be in a museum) titled 21 Century Woman. Jeff was kind enough to loan this piece of equipment to me for my own artistic purposes before he and his wife Leslie left us for the beaches of Wilmington North Carolina. As the title indicates, this is the second incarnation of the drill, and I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't make another appearance one day in the future.