Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger   |   24 x 24   |   Oil on panel

I do a lot of photography, either in the field or creating still life set ups at home. Amongst all those photos there are always a few that I feel are just a little above the rest. Unfortunately due to a serious flaw in my mental abilities I tend to reserve these images for some future date when the time is "right", or I've gotten better at painting to utilize them. Because of this I rarely get around to actually using one of these, what I think of as, "really great" photos. Bogged down in this unpredictable world we all live in now I figured maybe it was a good time to use one of those precious photos. I'm not saying that this particular image will come across to the art appreciating/buying public as anything special. This only pertains to my perception of the image. I am glad I finally broke down and released this shot because it was really satisfying to paint.