Sunday, January 01, 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

Don't have much to show for 2022 artwise. It was an interesting year with an unexpected last quarter. I'll label it an unexpected cardiovascular interruption. Not a heart attack, but resulting in the same treatment. Still getting over that, but I'm on the mend, and slowly getting back into painting mode. Looking forward to a more productive and hopefully less traumatic 2023.

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Curtis Newman Artist said...

Hi, Niel! I just found a letter you sent me in 2010 inspiring me to keep up my painting and pursuit to make it as an artist. I just started going full time as an artist/illustrator and know it'll take awhile. Just want to thank you for your encouragement back then - it will carry over to the present.. I love your work - keep the masterpieces coming!!! Sorry about your setback. Praying for total healing. I moved back to Wisconsin after living in Greenville, SC for almost 7 years. I love it there and visited Asheville often! Our plan is to camp out down South in the Winters. Beautiful place! Wishing you and Karen good health and happiness! Curtis Newman