Thursday, September 24, 2020

Crayola No. 2

Crayola No. 2   |   16 x 16   |   Oil on panel

Karen just painted a Crayola box for her upcoming show at Shain Gallery in October, and it reminded me of the Crayons I painted back in 2014. I've archived the probably 50 photographs I took of it so I thought to myself, "I've still got all these images why not pick another composition and do it again". So I did. Now I'm contemplating the next painting and haven't decided whether it will be another 16 x 16 or move up to a 24 x 24. They're two completely different subjects, so I'm going to prep both panels, then maybe just flip a coin to decide. The coin toss idea is helpful because if I think "ugh" instead of "yay" when the results are in I can be pretty confident that it's the other subject that I really want to paint.


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