Sunday, February 14, 2016

Condiments No.4

Condiments No. 4  |  12 x 12  |  Oil on panel

Condiments No.4 will be my second painting for our summer show at Tree's Place Gallery. I think I'm going to stick with this 12 x 12 size for a little while. Kinda liking it.


Unknown said...

Super awesome!

SteveC said...

Neil - Can I ask: Do you use projectors in any of your work? I'm looking at the precision of your amazing numbers and letters (in this piece, and all of your work), and am just blown away. As I've mentioned before, this is one of the things that, for me, separates the men from the boys in high realism. Another beauty.

James Neil Hollingsworth said...

Hey Steve - I take the drawing and use this carbon like transfer paper to transfer the image to the panel. It's basically stick figure like text then I use a really small flat to work the frame of the type into the type face of the product. It usually takes two or three passes to "sculpt" the transferred type. I also use low tack masking tape at the top and bottom of the text to insure all the lettering is the same height. It takes a lot of work and I'm always disappointed with the final results. All I see are the flaws.

martinealison said...


Bravo pour cette dernière magnifique peinture !

Gros bisous ♡

SteveC said...

Neil - Thanks for the info. Yes, I'm all too familiar with the "artist's curse." Just so you know, though, the rest of us are too dazzled by your stuff to notice any flaws! Take care.

Mixxerly said...
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Mixxerly said...

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