Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Shoe

My Shoe
oil on hardboard panel
5.5'' x 5.5"

Next up this week is a spin off of one of my commissioned paintings. I liked a lot of the photography I did for those, and planned at the time to eventually incorporate some of those images in future gallery and ebay paintings. One of my favorite themes were the shoes, and so I've come back to those. I love painting them, and I'm hoping they prove to be popular, so I can do more. You can access this auction by clicking here.


Ray Shuell said...

Hi James
Nice to see humor and humanity in a realist painting. Wonderful. Reminded me of early morning, shoe preparation before being sent off to school - a long time ago. I shall be following your future work. Thank you.

CHummelKornell said...

Just found your site. Love your artwork...your choice of subjects is very interesting.

Tracy Hall said...

As always, quite brilliant :)

Jean Victory said...

Beautiful as always!

Sonia said...

Outstanding art piece! Gorgeous!!

Arts cad said...

thank you very much!

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