Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Calla Lilli

oil on hardboard panel
6'' x 6''


I decided to do something a little softer, and a little quicker tonight. The blossom of a Calla Lilli. Gary my brother in law, M.D., and accomplished underwater photographer, is now exploring the world of terra firma with his camera. His first foray was to venture into the garden around his home. He was very excited to show me his new pix, taken with his macro lens. I have to say, they were very good. He graciously allowed me to "borrow" a few of my favorites to use as subjects for future paintings. So, I returned to my painting a day mode, and did this little close-up of a Calla Lilli.


belindadelpesco.com said...

I can smell that lily. Mother Nature would crown you King for the texture on the petal and the pollen. Beautiful.

Bonnie G Morrow said...

Absolutely stunning! I love lilies and you have so captured this one! Gorgeous!