Saturday, September 13, 2008

4 Artists - 1 Subject

Candy Goblet by Me

White Rabbits by M. Collier

Wonderland by Jelaine Faunce

Multiplication by Otto Lange

Back in July Jelaine Faunce contacted me about a project she was considering. She thought it would be interesting to select a subject, then have four artists, with a similar style of painting create their unique version of that subject. She and I would make up half of the group, M. Collier and Otto Lange would comprise the other half. If you click on each image it will take you to the artists website or blog. Jelaine describes the entire project in more detail here. White Rabbit candy, a confection from the land of the rising sun was chosen as the subject. Above is the result of our efforts. Each painting is six inches by six inches. The four paintings are offered at action as a group. You can participate in the bidding by clicking here.


Alvin Richard said...

What a great concept. At first glance I recognized all four artists for their respective style and content. Even though they are so well matched that you could easily think they were all done by the same artist.

The white rabbit from ''Alice in Wonderland''might have been an influence for two of the paintings. In Jelaine, because of the Queen of Heart....and one cannot dismiss the white rabbit's foot as a good luck charm when playing card games. For Neil...his classic silver goblet recurring in this piece always reminds me on a surreal interior one might see in Tom Petty's ''Don't come around here no more'', based in the fable story.

As for M, her signature long shadows return as a haunting silhouette of the white rabbit. Here it reminded me of the movie poster for the 1950 James Stewart film, ''Harvey''....

And for Otto, the stillness of the floating rabbit has a zen quality of one of the animals of the Chinese Horoscope.

This may not be the year of the Hare....but as a foursome, it is a winning combination that seem to have some mystery lingering beyond the imagery. BRILLIANT!!!

Anonymous said...

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