Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fifties Toaster

oil on 1/8'' gesso board
6'' x 6"

I went a little crazy a while back, and bought a bunch of vintage toasters on ebay. These old appliances have a very distinctive, and familiar look, that many of us born before 1970 will remember. I believe these will fit in nicely with my proclivity for reflective subjects. This is my first attempt. I love how the bakelite, and chrome work together. I'm looking forward to doing many more of these in the future. I "think" big these days, and think it could be really cool to do one of these at 40 x 40. When, and if, I can get the corporate commission out of the way, some of these "big" dreams may start to actually materialize. To bid on this painting click here.


J.R. said...

I've seen a lot of photo-realism in my day but your work transcends the norm. Beautifully crafted!

Jim R.

Anonymous said...

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