Friday, September 19, 2008

Stacked Cups

3 Stacked Cups
oil on 1/8'' gesso board
6'' x 6"

A bit of ceramic to finish off the week. I really like the contrast between the soft folds of the linen table cloth, and the hard, creamy, reflective surface of the coffee cups. I've been painting these china cups for years now, trying to capture that wonderful translucence of the fired material. I haven't nailed it yet, but I think I get a little closer each time I attempt it.

I just got the word today that my latest round of compositions for the corporate commission have been approved. A mixed blessing I think. Now I have to actually paint them. I always get nervous when I start on an oversized piece. Hopefully I can get past the apprehension, and have some fun with these. Wish me luck!

To bid on the Stacked Cups click here.


Pierre Raby said...

The positions of the handles gives
an interesting sculptural look
sustained by the monochromatic field. Great painting as usual!

Jennifer Phillips said...

Stunning. This one took my breath away! I agree, there is something sculptural about this one... Neil do you ever do prints of your work?

Fi said...

Wow. This is a stunner. Love the composition. Love the technique. Looking through other examples of your work, the style reminds me of computer graphics - in a good way!

Tom Gurney said...

Oooh, have just found your work. I like these cups particularly, but others are cool too. I shall try to paint like this... one day :-)

Anonymous said...


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