Friday, March 13, 2009

In the Meantime . . .

Beach Read by Karen Hollingsworth
oil on canvas
36'' x 36"

The second commissioned painting is getting very close to completion, so close in fact that I've decided to hold off, and wait until it's done to post it. It'll probably be up in the next few days. In the meantime, I thought I'd post some current event items. Leslie Levy Fine Art, Karen's gallery in Scottsdale Arizona, has chosen to market her prints. They've done a great job of presenting them on their website, and we're hoping this will prove to be a successful venture. Biased as I am, I have to say that the quality of these reproductions is exceptional. Gallery Street does an amazing job producing them. Karen is a fanatic about matching the prints to her originals, and these are, "spot on".

In other news, Karen was doing an internet search yesterday for Liana Repass, an artist we both love, who also shows at Mason Murer Fine Art. She does superb pastel paintings of water. In her search for more information about Liana, Karen came across the website of Deborah Dyste, an interior designer here in Atlanta. As she scrolled down the page she came across the image above, and thought the paintings looked familiar. Further scrutiny showed it to be a trio of my coffee cup paintings which had sold through Twinhouse, my now defunct Atlanta gallery. I don't know how newsworthy this is, but you so rarely get to see your sold paintings hung in their new homes. It was nice to have an opportunity to see how these had been displayed.

Redneck Riveria by Karin Jurick
oil on canvas
12'' x 7"

Our friend Karin Jurick is in Hilton Head SC this weekend to attend the reception of her one man show at the Morris & Whiteside Gallery. They recently aquired the Red Piano Art Gallery, and this will be the premiere opening following that aquisition. This is a very nice gallery with some heavy hitters in the art world. The roster includes artists like: Milt Kobayashi, Joseph Lorusso, Dean Mitchell and Stephen Scott Young. The work Karin has produced for the show is wonderful. I think some of her best work to date. Karen and I had been debating as to whether we would drive up for the reception. With all we both got going on right now, and having just returned from Florida ourselves, we opted to stay home, and work instead. I think it's going to be a great show. Can't wait to talk to her, and find out how it went.

And lastly, I got myself a new computer this week. My trusted Power PC was over five years old, and starting to show its' age, so I convinced myself that I needed a new computer, and got one of the new 24" iMacs. I bought my first Apple computer in 1988, and have been a loyal owner ever since. When I saw that the new iMacs had come out with a significant performance boost/price drop, I couldn't resist. I have to say, "it's glorious". I've spent the beter part of the last two days "playing" with it. This is another reason I couldn't take the time to make the journey to Hilton Head. So anyway, if you're in the market for a new computer, I highly recommend stopping by an Apple store, and checking out the new iMacs. It's a sweet machine.


Alvin Richard said...

I was in Scotsdale two weeks ago on a family vacation. We did the Thursday evening Art Walk 7-9pm. The last gallery we visited was the Leslie Levy Gallery. I did not know they represented her, so it was a very happy surprise. Very inspiring to be able to see one of paintings up close.

cbarenberg said...

I love using my Apple. It has inspired me to do things I never even thought of. I have filmed myself painting from start to finish and turned it into a movie for people to see my process. It helps me while others get to see my technique. Feel free to take a look at my art.

ytuythdj said...