Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my Studio

I've been working on a larger painting lately, hence no sixbysixers. I thought instead I'd just post a photo of my working area. I'm always curious about the studio space of other artists, so, I thought I'd present mine. Karen and I have essentially split the living room of our house. It's the largest space with the best light. If you do a 180 from this position, you'll see her "studio".

We get north light from the picture window (out of view to the left) but the trees tend to block most of that light during the summer months. Winter is more conducive to using natural light. I've constructed an adjustable lighting platform that combines a halogen bulb and a daylight fluorescent bulb.

I built the palette table (to the right) which can be raised or lowered, and tilted or flattened depending upon my position. To the left is another table that holds brushes, an old tool chest that contains my paints, and my computer. The monitor is a great way to view the images that I paint from.

That's basically it. I should have some new pieces up in the next couple of days.


Vic Vicini said...

Very nice Neil. I like your space.

bdelpesco said...

Wow! I get to visualize the lovely environment my JNH treasures were created in... Thanks for sharing this!

Luis Colan said...

this is neat, I like your set up. It reminds me of mine, wich is a little corner in my studio apartment. Just before looking at your site I thought of using a computer screen to look at the photos I'm painting from,so that I don't have to waste ink or paper, and here you are with your computer set up next to you. Now I'm really going to try it.