Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jeff Cohen at Twinhouse

My long-time friend Jeff Cohen is having his first One-Man show at Twinhouse Gallery in Atlanta thursday August 21st. The show will include a number of his smaller still life paintings, but will concentrate primarily on his Fragments works. These paintings are created by dividing his subject matter into a grid of squares of varying sizes, and then painting every panel separately - each panel a painting unto itself.

These panels are then assembled, and mounted onto a plywood frame. Since each panel is painted without reference to the final piece, the completed painting has a wonderful, and subtle, variety of color and tonal value. The sizes of the paintings range from a modest 12'' x 36'' to larger pieces reaching eight feet. You can view a short video of this process, entitled Painting A Bicycle, on his blog.

I've known Jeff for more than twenty years, and I have to say he has one of the most fertile and creative minds I've ever seen. And it never sleeps. He's always got something new percolating. Whether it's music, art, home renovation (he and his wife Leslie Cohen, a graphic designer and fine artist, have transformed their home together), his garden, his kitchen (he's an awsome cook) - it goes on and on. What ever it is, it's always unconventional and always imaginative.

Having said this, I believe that he has found his true calling in art. His boundless imagination and inate ability is a powerful combination that results in work that is sometimes unexpected, but always inspiring, stimulating and beautiful to see.

If you'd like to see more of his work visit his website at:


Jeff Cohen said...

Hey, isn't this your blog? Thanks man.

Bob said...

Thanks for letting us know about Jeff. What he doing is exciting and I would love see the works live. Your use of your blog to feature his work is generous but understanding. Good stuff