Friday, September 15, 2006


I've really been in the mood lately to do something larger, with a lot of detail and subtle variations of color. So, I visited my stockpile of vintage auto photos. I try to keep up to date on current classic car shows in my area to increase that stock. These cars are restored with great care, and attention to detail. They are elegant creations from a era when design was about design, and not aerodynamics.

This 16'' x 20'' painting will be going to Twinhouse Gallery next week, to selfishly take advantage of the fresh influx of patrons as a result of Jeff Cohens one-man show.


Christina said...

This is really interesting, at first I thought it was a sepia photograph. Keeping the tones subtle really helps to focus on the subject.

william wray said...

I'm not deep into photo realism , but you do it very, very, well, keeping it just painterly eough to feel a human did it. Well done, thanks for linking me.

Jeff Hayes said...

Love the cropping, love the reduced chroma... awesome.

bdelpesco said...

Excellent. Love the composition & colors, and especially enjoyed seeing it in scale as a WIP on your easel in a previous post.