Friday, February 27, 2009


Anna's Veranda at Inlet Beach FL

No new art to post this week, but I did want to check in, and update everyone on what's been going on these last few days. Karen has had her eye on this particular beach house for sometime now as a source of new images for her paintings. She decided that the winter rates were such that it was feasible to rent it for a few days, head down, and do a lot of photography. Anna's Veranda is a classic Victorian home moved to this location in the early 2000's, and it's really beautiful. The house completely lived up to the image promoted on its' website.

We were lucky, in that the weather, and water, could not have been better. Plus, being there in February, we had virtually the entire beach to ourselves. I was there basically as Karen's assistant/tech support, but did manage to get a few shots in of my own. This was definitely a working vacation, and as exhausted as we both were when we left, we did have a great time. The image below is the sunset the night before we returned to Atlanta.

Now we're back. Karen is filtering through the hundreds of images from Florida, and I'm getting started on the Chicago commission. This evening Karen and I are heading into town with Jeff and Leslie Cohen to attend the opening night reception of the David Arms show at Anne Irwin Fine Art. He will have a large number of paintings there, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Trust by David Arms
19'' x 16"

That's about it. Stricoff Fine Art, Ltd. is anxious to have the Hamilton Beach Mixer (below), so I'll be shipping it off early next week. Now it's time to buckle down, and really get busy on the commission. Hopefully, I'll have an image of the first painting up some time later next week. If not the completed piece, at least an in progress shot.

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Very nice painting!!

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Very beautiful scenery...

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thanks for sharing the story of the visit, especially with still being in the throes of winter one suddenly emerges with the need to get away and refresh. r.

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