Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sliced Bread No. 4 - Full Sized on Canvas

Sliced Bread No. 4
oil on canvas
30'' x 30"

I had intended to post this, the second commissioned painting now headed to Stricoff Fine Art Ltd., a couple of days ago, but there was a rather serious glitch in the spam spotting software used by this week. Apparently it (mis) diagnosed practically everyone as a spammer, and blocked our ability to post. Needless to say, for those of us who utilize our blogs not only as a means to connect with art aficionados, and other artists, but as a marketing tool as well, this was a serious problem. Blogger handled the situation in much the same way Apple delt with the iPhone 3G, and Mobile Me fiasco, by ignoring its' supporters while they worked things out. There was nothing on the Blogger site to officially acknowlege the situation, while the support discussion group was flooded with cries for help. Consequently for a number of days we were all in the dark. Today there is a message on the Blogger site admitting to the problem, and assuring everyone that it will be resolved soon. I'm a huge fan of both Blogger and Apple, so my concern with all of this is not the fact that they both had unexpected problems, but with their delay of information provided to those of us who use their service, and depend on it. Technology is a wonderful, but fragile thing.


Leslie Sealey said...

What a cool painting, I am so glad you are making these big. The gallery looks like a good one; how exciting!

Alvin R. said...

I really don't understand how someone could commission such wonderful pieces and be dissapointed and/or they were not what they had been hoping for once it was off your easel. They are both stunning in content with a flair of drama because of the lighting and dark background. It would seem to me that if they ask you to do these paintings, it was because they wanted something with your unique approach to realism...which these are.

Anonymous said...

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