Monday, July 28, 2008

Fritos: Full-Sized on Canvas

oil on canvas
30'' x 30"

One of the reasons I usually don't take on commissioned work is the near complete loss of creative control that comes with "design by committee". The first two pieces completed for the corporate commission have been rejected for reasons, that from an artists stand point, seem kind of absurd. From the corporate view point, I suppose they may have some validity. I don't have a businsess head, so I don't really get it. For now the commission is still a work in progress. The subject of these paintings is going into round four of discussion amongst the higer-ups. Until they come to a consensus I'll just concentrate on other work. I'm still optomistic that in the end we can come to a resolution that will be acceptable to all. The people there are genuinely nice, and I think it's tough for them, as well, to try and please everyone.

I do think this experience has opened my eyes to new subjects that may have real potential. Hopefully they will provide both appeal for collectors, and on my end, yield a theme that is also a pleasure to paint. Stricoff Fine Art, Ltd. has expressed interest in both of these paintings, and I will be shipping them to New York later this week. I'll post the second painting in a few days. It will be interesting to see how they are received. If they do well I will probably continue to paint some of the compositions originally intended for the commission, and offer them to the galleries.

A side note about technique: I usually obtain my surface material from the Home Depot, 1/4 MDF that I cut, and prep myself, but this week I purchased a commercially made hardboard panel with a canvas like finish. It's produced by Dick Blick, and I'm excited to see how it takes paint. Another plus to this product is that it comes with pre-drilled hole in the back for hanging. It will be used for one of the paintings I'm currently working on for ebay. These will be listed starting monday of next week.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog.
great reflections on the metal foil of the packaging

Jelaine Faunce said...

I bought a few of these and got them in last week. Like you, I am really looking forward to seeing how they work.

flygye12 said...

people get emotional lookin at Madonna but my eyes welled up seeing this pack of Frito Lays !!!
how can you paint so beautiful. You are just GREAT

Jeff Hayes said...

Terrific composition. The arrangement of the chips seems like it would have been tough; it came off very gracefully.

This commission business sounds dreadful. Thank goodness for free markets...

Jeanne Bauer said...

your work is insanely beautiful.I spend a lot of time looking over your work.Love it. jb

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