Thursday, July 17, 2008

Half Perc

Half Perc
oil on plywood panel
6'' x 6"

Painting number four this week is one of my new (old) percolators. New in the sense that I recently aquired it on the internet. ebay is a great place for tracking down props for still lifes. It seems you can find virtually anything your looking for there. Plus it's fun just to look. Scouring their site searching for vintage items can be very satisfying. There's a lot of very cool stuff out there. I went a little crazy a couple of weeks ago in my quest for a classic toaster. I bid on a bunch of them because they were relatively inexpensive. I assumed that I would be outbid on at least a couple. I wound up with five, having won all my auctions. These should start showing up in paintings in the not too distant future. There was one added bonus, they make really good toast. If you'd like to bid on the Percolator, you can participate in the auction by clicking here.

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Poetic Painter said...

Your paintings are just amazing...really beautiful work!!!