Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hamilton Beach No. 3

Hamilton Beach No.3
oil on canvas
24'' x 36"

My site has been a bit stagnent for a while I know. I've been working on a new milkshake mixer for Stricoff Fine Art, Ltd., and it's taken nearly all of that time to complete. This is similar to the last incarnation, but I wanted to paint the mixing blades. I just though they looked cool. I'll be shipping this up to them in a week or so.

In the mean time I've begun a new group of ebay paintings. I've got four underpaintings done, and hopefully I'll get number five done today. If all goes well number one will be listed on monday night.

Karen and I will be going out tonight to attend the opening night reception of our friend Leslie Cohen. She's having a one man show at the Heaven Blue Rose Gallery in Roswell. The image above doesn't do her work justice. She utilizes a technique which replicates hand etching, and it is equisitely beautiful. You need to see her paintings in person to fully appreciate them. Leslie and her husband Jeff have also recently been taken on by the Wynne/Falconer gallery on Cape Cod. They will be having a two-man show there on September 6th.


Ambera said...

Amazing paintings, as always..

LC Neill said...

This one speaks to me. Love that turquoise color, the composition and the attention to the chrome!

Amarjeet Prasad said...

So lovely.Wish you happiness.
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