Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Study for Commission: Coffee Bag

Study for Community Coffee
oil on hardboard panel
5.5'' x 5.5"

This is the last of five small studies I'm painting for a corporate commission. I may be doing another study soon though, because I was recently informed that the TAZO Tea painting is not representational of a Printpack product. It had been on display at the headquarters along with numerous other products, so I just assumed it was in the mix somewhere. Never assume. Glad I found out now, and not after the painting was complete.

Today was day two on the full size Fritos piece. It was spent laying in a portion of the labeling. There is a good bit of red in the logo, and I love using red. I think that's why I had such a good time working on this bag of Community Coffee. I'm really gonna get my red "fix" when I start on that one.

Each of these studies is being offered for sale on ebay. Those of you who would like to take part in the auction for this painting, can do so be clicking here. I have to say that it's been a treat working on these small pieces, and then consigning them for auction. It's been about six months since my last ebay auction, and I've really missed it. I plan to spend more time painting for ebay in the very near future. Working them in between these commissioned pieces, and getting paintings ready for Wynne/Falconer for the summer.


Jason Waskey said...

Terrific cropping!

(and composition, color, paint handling...)

Compelling image.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, as usual.

do you think that the tazo deal falling through had to do with the fact that you cut out the name "TAZO" in the painting?

They probably wanted their brand name more prominent, although the painting was lovely.

Dean H. said...

The Coffee painting looks great! I'm sure you will do fine with the large'll start to adjust shortly.
I know what you mean about being a miser in loading the palette with generous paint. Same here. I believe Richard Schmid said words to the effect of: "Use your paint like you're a millionaire." ( Could it be that it's easy for him because he IS a millionaire??)

Barbara Pask said...

These are all outstanding. I wondered if you would mind sharing what colors you mix to get this dark dark background? Thanks so much. Barb

Anonymous said...

enjoy seeing your work, Neil. I've been working on reflections on metals but not succeeding, so I like to keep an eye on what you do to try and learn! r.

James Neil Hollingsworth said...

The tea was bumped because the company only produces the plastic that encloses the box.

Hey Dean - wouldn't it be great to use paint like a millionaire.

Barbara - I combined Van Dyke brown with Paynes grey to get my background.

Connie said...

That painting is awesome. How you manage such detail without an overworked look is such an admirable skill. Also thanks for the tip on color mixing for the background. I have found that artists are so generous with their knowledge. Connie

Petra Voegtle said...

I am enjoying your blog since quite a while now. I feel very much intrigued by the extremely realistic details of your paintings without being cluttered as it often happens in realisitic and hyper-realistic painting. And I like especially this one because of its simplicity and sophistication at the same time. Maybe it's that rich red colour and the dark background - I don't know. I feel I can hear that crackling sound of the bag... I find it specifically well done!
Greetings from Munich,

Ambera said...

Love the compositions to this and the previous one. There is something dark, a sinister quality to both of them. Community in particular, not sure why..