Monday, April 28, 2008

Study for Commission: Strawberry Bag

Study for corporate commission: Strawberry Bag
oil on plywood panel
6'' x 6"

When the painting of the TAZO Tea box got nixed, I needed to start thinking of another subject to take its' place. Since Printpack creates generic plastic packaging, I thought I'd do some fruit in one of those simple translucent bags. I found these giant strawberries at COSTCO, and determined that they'd do nicely. As with the first five studies, this is only a portion of the full composition. I haven't officially decided on this composition as yet, but at the moment it ranks up there pretty high. I think it could look pretty cool at 30 x 30.

In addition to this piece I've completed four more six inch squares to be listed on ebay this week. A new painting each night. Tomorrow morning I'll begin my second commissioned piece. I decided to do the bread next rather than the coffee. Get my chops up on painting a clear plastic bag. If I choose the strawberries, that practice should come in handy.

Anyone who may be interested in bidding on this painting can link to the auction page by clicking here. See you tomorrow night.


Dean H. said...

I agree...this would look great as is in a large format! Love your work.

Ambera said...

Nice lighting throughout all these pieces. Not sure if your commissions are all for the same people, but they certainly do work well as a cohesive set. They're absolutely beautiful.