Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Study for Commission: Bread Bag

Study for Bagged Bread
oil on hardboard panel
5.5'' x 5.5"

Here is the fourth of five small studies I'm painting for a corporate commission. I spent the entirety of my painting day yesterday just laying in background and foreground colors. For me it was a lot of acreage. I'll start the first pass on the actual bag today. I'm a real miser when it comes to dispensing colors on my palette, but now there are huge piles of color which is a little disturbing. It feels so indulgent, and expensive. Plus the size of the brushes I'm using seem so clumsy, as opposed to the small brights I'm familiar with.

I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about how "strange" this new world of large painting is for me, but it's where I am right now, and is foremost in my thoughts. Maybe by the completion of the fifth piece it will be old hat, and I can stop whining.

Each of these studies is being offered for sale on ebay. Those of you who would like to take part in the auction for this painting, can do so be clicking here. The last study will be listed tomorrow evening.


Jeff Hayes said...

Really superb... Congratulations!

Joseph Miller said...

I get similar feelings when moving upwards in painting size. Parts of the process get easier and other parts feel more difficult.

Sunil said...