Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sliced Bread No. 3

Sliced Bread No. 3
oil on gallery wrap canvas
10'' x 10"

As I said in a previous post, "heavily weighted toward the subject of bread". Like the Tomato on the Edge, this particular painting has been at Twinhouse since the fall. I've included it for the same reasons I listed with the Tomato painting. Hopefully this will be seen by someone who is unfamilar with it, and experience love at first sight.

If you're interested in a pre-show purchase of this painting you will find contact information to the gallery by clicking here. If you'd like to see all the completed work, for Karen, and myself, you can either click on the "Upcoming 2008 Twinhouse Show" link or click here.

1 comment:

Dean H. said...

This is masterfully done...I'm thankful to have the opportunity to see your art here.

Best wishes, Dean