Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sliced Bread No. 2

Sliced Bread No. 2
oil on gallery wrap canvas
12'' x 12"

As I said in my last two posts, "heavily weighted toward the subject of bread". Sliced Bread No.2 is the final bread painting, and the last of the paintings that were previously shown at Twinhouse. It is a larger piece than the others in the group, sized at 12 x 12. This is, in my mind, one of my best bread paintings.

If you're interested in a pre-show purchase of this painting you will find contact information to the gallery by clicking here. If you'd like to see all the completed work, for Karen, and myself, you can either click on the "Upcoming 2008 Twinhouse Show" link or click here.


Debra J.Sepos said...

What a wonderful body of work you have done for your upcoming show.
I know all your hard work will be rewarded!

Ambera said...

One of the most striking photorealistic paintings I've seen, ever. And a good composition to boot!

WR Jones said...

I really like the warm and cool of this design.

MarcelloP said...

Very nice work.

NJN said...

I love the way you've painted the plastic bag on the bread. A wonderful painting. Thanks, Neil N.

Anonymous said...

Love the application of the paint.. A very good command over the material.. veryyy good observation.. I am Impressed.