Friday, October 05, 2007

Pool Balls No. 4

oil on gallery wrap canvas
10'' x 10"

This piece completes the group of three paintings I'll be shipping to PlusOne Gallery in London on monday. Those of you who frequent this blog are probably getting bored with the pool balls, but people really seem to like them. Plus, they may be my current favorite subject to paint.

I make an effort, with each subsequent version, to enhance the level of "realism". It's something I'm consumed with these days. My goal (I guess) is to reach a point where I feel I've "got it". Then pull back somewhat, and attempt to infuse that painterly quality, I admire so much, in the work of many of the artists I follow. This may be a futile quest. I don't know if my personality, which is of the anal retentive variety, will allow me to go there.

oil on panel

8'' x 10"

Karen, and I will be heading into town tonight. Tracy Helgeson's work will be presented along with that of five other artists in a group show at Twinhouse Gallery in Buckhead. I've been a fan of her paintings for a long time now, and played a small part in her acceptance into the gallery. It was an easy sell. Her colorful landscapes are beautiful. Tracy will be coming down from New York for the reception, and we are looking forward to meeting her.

As I mentioned, in the previous two posts, if/when these paintings are accepted by PlusOne, I will amend the posts to include a link to the gallery. This will provide contact information for those who may be interested in the purchase of one of these paintings.


Michael Naples said...

These are great. Best of luck with London. You certainly deserve to be on the roster.

Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

Oh, did we meet you Friday night? I hardly remember:))) hahaha

Doug and I had a great time with you two-definitely worth coming to Atlanta for!

And thanks for the mention. I found it interesting that you posted one of the scenes that I obsessively paint over and over again, given your comments about doing so many billiard ball pieces lately. Nothing wrong with "focus":)

emm said...

The pool balls are wonderful. I never get tired of seeing your next painting, it seems there is always more to say. Loved the kettle also, just beautiful!

Candy Barr said...

Your clean approach is so refreshing with the added reflections. I love to read your thoughtful posts as well. Really exquisite work!

ameros said...

this one i really love :)

Amarjeet Prasad said...

You have done an excellent job of research and writing.

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