Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kettle No. 2

oil on gallery wrap canvas
12'' x 16"

This is the second, of three, paintings heading to PlusOne Gallery in London. I've emailed images of all three paintings to the director, and she's asked me to ship the entire group. One step closer to the brass ring.

Hopefully they'll like what they see when these arrive, and choose to keep them. If they take me on, and if these sell, and if I one day see my name in their roster of artists, maybe then I'll be able to relax a little. I'm pretty cranked about this.

These should be ready to ship on monday. I'm not sure how long it will take them to arrive. If they offer them for sale, I'll amend these postings with contact information on the gallery for anyone interested in the purchase of one of these paintings.


Todd Bonita said...

It sounds like a slam dunk simply by there request to send the paintings. The piece is striking, your work is fabulous...good luck.

Charlatan said...

Your talent is awe-inspiring. Congratulations on this huge milestone. I am learning to paint and so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your entries. Ohhh how I wish I could paint like you.

What a gift!

Thank you from a fan,

Ambera said...

Amazing. The subtleties between the mug handle and surface of the kettle are wonderful!!! I'm certain they'll sell, how could they not?!

Dean H. said...

Congratulations, James! I'm sure the Brass Ring is as good as yours. And it is truly deserved for all the hard work which has produced such beatiful paintings.

Best wishes, Dean

This Painting Life said...

They gotta love this...I do! I think it is just wonderful that this London Gallery is taking your work, you deserve to be in a good gallery like this one. I hope it goes well for you!

The Painted Sky said...

Relax Neil, I'm sure all this is just a formality. A gallery like that wouldn't approach an artist unless they were sure.

PS The kettle is just wonderful!

JT :)

James Neil Hollingsworth said...

I appreciate all of the positive "vibes", and good wishes. I just need to chill.

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