Sunday, October 28, 2007

Miro Sinovcic

October in Atlanta
oil on canvas

42'' x 28"

I've recently begun a correspondence with another artist blogger, Miro Sinovcic. He is a Croatian artist who imigrated to the United States in 1985. Miro worked as an illustrator creating cover art for, primarily, western novels. He was extremely successful in this area, but "once the kids were out of college", he moved into the realm of fine art.

Late Summer in the Village
oil on canvas

30'' x 40"

He is having a show at the Anne Irwin Gallery in Atlanta, and asked if Karen and I could possibly attend. The opening was friday night, and there was a great turn-out at the gallery. It was a real pleasure meeting Miro. For an artist with his history, list of awards and reputation, he was a very down to earth fellow. We talked art and galleries for quite a while. We also touched upon technique, style and why our paintings do well in some locations, and not so well in others. Miro has also just been taken on by Wynne/Falconer on Cape Cod, so now we are "family" too. It was a very pleasant meeting. We had to cut our visit short though, since we also wanted to head back into Buckhead to attend a show of the works of Jim Dine at Trinity Gallery. We were with Robert Deyber and Robert Graham. They along with Karen are big fans of his work.

To be honest I wasn't familiar with Jim Dine, but became a fan as I walked through the gallery. The lions share of the work was based upon the theme of Pinocchio. I can't say exactly why I enjoyed his work so much, but I guess you can say, "it spoke to me" on some level. I love that degree of free expression. Wish I had more of it myself. A lot more.

I still haven't heard from PlusOne. Nail biting time. I have begun my "large" painting. It's a little overwhelming. Two days, and I've barely made a dent. I've painted big before, but the subject was still under scale. Here I'm taking a small object, and blowing it up. Way up! I'm beginning to realize that this is going to take a bit of time. I may have to post this one to the blog in stages. Hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.


Jelaine Faunce said...

Welcome to the world of Large Scale Anxiety. LOL!

James said...

Thanks for introducing us to Miro. I really like his landscapes. The blurred out impressionism and the sharper images are all very nice. It certainly is a far cry from your still life pieces. :^)

Sandy said...

These are gorgeous...


Observer said...

Your work is a delight to the eye. I have only recently started painting and when I saw your work, naturally I felt my confidence slowly dwindle away.
Thank you for giving us the pleasure to see your work.
best wishes

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