Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Honda Metropolitan: Complete

Honda Metropolitan   |   12 x 16   |   Oil on panel

It's been ten days since I finished the underpainting, but with some time off to spend with my brother here from New York, I'm calling it done. When it's dry and varnished it'll be heading out to San Francisco to C. K. Contemporary Gallery with two more 12 x 16's. 

Now it's back to work for Rehs Galleries in NYC. I've got a "soda" commission lined up first. A collector agreed to purchase both the Coke and Pepsi paintings at Rehs if I agreed to paint a Dr. Pepper to go with them. Didn't have to twist my arm to agree to that. When it's done I'm on to something else. What, I'm not sure. I'll be doing more photography in the coming days and I'm hoping to mine a composition from that. I'll post "in progress" shots of the Dr. Pepper commission, the first of which should appear in the next few days.


Jenn said...

Really, really well done! I love the lighting! :)

martinealison said...


Un travail extraordinaire...

Gros bisous ❀ ♡ ❀

Bethany said...

I just found your website through another artist and I had to tell you how blown away I am with your work! These paintings of the motorcycle or your Delta airlines pieces are master paintings. I read your bio and can relate-- I put myself thru college by working at a little typesetting place and ventured into graphic design & illustration after teaching middle school art... fast forward thru motherhood (my oldest started college this year, my youngest follows next fall) and I am re-embracing my fine art side! I am so glad that you continued to paint throughout your other careers because the world would have lost out on experiencing your incredible art! Your wife is fantastic too! Thank you for helping me be excited to pick up a brush again! Best wishes!

James Neil Hollingsworth said...

Hey Bethany - Thanks for your kind words. Sounds like you've got a good foundation now may be the time to dive in. I was working at the hospital when I came in one day to hear that one of my co-workers (and good friends) had died the night before. He was having dinner in the cafeteria with one of the doctors between cases when he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. Just like that he was gone. It made me realize that you never know when your number will come up, and if I was going to seriously try my hand at being an artist I needed to make a decision. It wasn't long after that that I gave my notice. I think I made the right decision. Thanks again for your thumbs up on my work.