Saturday, June 15, 2013


Vintage  |  16 x 16  |  Oil on canvas

Tree's Place Gallery is producing a catalog for the show they are having for Karen and I in August, and their printer needs as many images as he can get before the end of the month in order to have the piece ready in time to promote our show. I've got two weeks left and I'm hoping I can get one more done by the deadline. Once this printing deadline is past, I need to get a couple of paintings to Rehs Gallery before I return to work completing the show for Tree's. When that is done I'll start to work on paintings for C. K. Contemporary. They've been incredibly patient and have earned some serious attention. 


Chunbum Park said...

absolutely amazing

GretaHilari said...

Hello,may I ask how long it took you to paint this? Thanks :)