Monday, June 10, 2013


Heinz  |  24 x 24  |  oil on panel

So, this isn't a Pool Bowl painting. I received word from Tree's Place that they were producing a catalog to advertise our show there this fall. They needed to have as many images of paintings as they could get, as quickly as possible, in order to meet their printers deadline. I knew they would be printing some type of promotional material, but I didn't realize that they would need the images so soon. The deadline is the end of June, so I had to re-think my painting plans and get back to work for the show. 

As if the deadline wasn't enough pressure, this piece proved to be a real bear to paint. Some paintings flow along smoothly as you and the canvas work together as a team and others, like this one, fight you every inch of the way. I'm claiming victory, but it was an epic battle. 


AH said...

Superbe !!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you won! Love the painting.

Chunbum Park said...