Friday, February 17, 2012


Stacked | 12 x 24 | oil on panel

I've been out of commission for over a week with a cold, hence the delay in the post of a new painting. The percolator idea was put on hold temporarily. I've wanted to do this particular "blocks" painting for a while, and it felt this was the time to do it. This size of panel also gave me a chance to blow the dust off of my woodworking tools. I don't know of anyone making a 12 x 24 panel, so I have to cut down a 18 x 24, and splice in the missing cradle strip. Not really woodworking, but close.

I've got the drawing ready for the percolator, and will start on it today. It's the Cory Electric with that crazy complicated ribbed handle. It looks really cool, but it's a bear to paint.


Mara Mattia said...

I really enjoy looking at your realistic paintings. Did you use actual antique blocks as reference for this painting? Very nice!

James Neil Hollingsworth said...

Hey Mara, I found these blocks on ebay. They are handmade and sold under the ebay ID myfathershouse4. Neil

michael said...

hey mara i found your blog suddenly I think you are a great Artist

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G.J said...

I am fan of painting but I am waiting for my graduation then 'll start.

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Painting Virginia said...

AWSOME!!! I just love all these! as being the part of Painting Virginia i can feel your passion behind these great piece of art. Keep up doing the hard work. I really appreciate your hard work and would like to see some more stuff like this one in the near future.

SchulmanArt said...

great idea!!! nice painting!!!