Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Commission | A Re-list | and A Group Show

Pitcher with Ice No. 2 - 12 x 16 - oil on panel

I've been busy working on a commission these last couple of weeks, and it's finally finished. I've received more comments on a painting I did years ago called Pitcher with Ice than anything else I've ever done, and the client who commissioned this piece said they wanted something very similar to it. I've emailed them the image of the completed painting, and they are very happy. Whew, it's always a relief to hear that a client is happy with their painting.

Clementines - 6 x 6 - oil on panel

These Clementines on the other hand met another fate. The winner of the auction decided they didn't want the painting after all, so I'm re-listing it once more on ebay. If you'd like to bid, you can access the auction by clicking here.

And finally, I'm working frantically to complete a larger painting (36 x 36) for a group show put on by the Elliot Fouts Gallery in Sacramento. It's an invitational realism show scheduled to open October 1st. They've got a long list of terrific realist painters participating, and I'm proud to be included with them. The only problem is that I have to get them the painting by the 23rd of September. Yikes! Back to work.


Elizabeth Champelovier said...


James Isaac Zamora said...

I come to your blog everyday to see if there's a new post. And if there isn't then I just re read older posts. Ha. You're motivational! And literally along with email, then Facebook, then my own eBay auctions, your blog and other sites are in the group as well. As well as your wife too!

Anonymous said...

The silver on the pitcher is absolutely SUPERB!

stevesmith said...

Nice pictures.. Thanks for sharing..


stranded on earth said...

The painting with the pitcher and the melting ice is an amazing piece of work! How long did it take you to paint that? Did you paint it from a photograph, or from the actual arrangement? I'm just curious because I think the ice cubes would have melted pretty fast.