Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two More for Tree's Place

PB&J No. 14 - 10 x 30 - oil on canvas

I've been working for the last week and a half on these two horizontal's for the Tree's Place show. I had already started another painting on this particular canvas, but hated it, so I sanded it off, and reworked it into a pb&j. I'm partial to these off center compositions, and use them frequently. Maybe over frequently it, I don't know. With this 10 x 30 I was able to push the subject significantly off to the left, and I like it a lot. I think it gives the subject a greater sense of its position in space.

Pool Bowl No. 20 - 12 x 24 - oil on canvas

What would a collection of my paintings be without at least one painting of some pool balls? The size of the balls in the composition are a little over scale, but not so much as to make them freakishly large. They're just big enough to incorporate some serious detail into their surface. One of my favorite parts of these paintings that utilize a mixing bowl, is that thick rim at the top of the bowl. I love the distortion it creates of the contents, and how it imparts that glassy sense of glass.

I've got another Coke painting going now. It's large enough that I may post some in progress images of it. It's getting close to the deadline, and I've still got a number of paintings to go if I'm to meet my quota. Hope I can do it.


Caroline Savva Art said...

These off-centre compositions work really well and I don't think you over do it at all. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Great works again!

Julie Beck said...

i looooove the extreme horizontal nature of these

helen. said...

discorvering your blog : great job ! !

Susanna Pantas said...

Your work is just flawless! Such perfection. Very inspiring!!!!