Friday, May 07, 2010

Pool Bowl No. 18

18 x 18 oil on hardboard panel
Cathy with Dean Day Gallery in Houston has asked me for a pool ball painting, and I'm always happy to oblige. I did this one a bit larger than most, and it offered me an opportunity to get some good detail into the rim of the bowl. That particular part of the bowl, really provides that sense of "glass", which I love. I'll be sending Cathy an image of this painting as soon as I finish this post, and hope she likes it. Next up a new set of ebay paintings, then I dive into the big one.
When I mentioned that I would be building my own panel for that piece, I received a number of suggestions for various companies, that offer larger hardboard panels. I appreciate the information, and thank you to those who provided those suggestions. A few days ago I purchased some prepared panels manufactured by Ampersand, for my next group of ebay paintings as a test to see how they take paint. If I'm happy with them, Ampersand does build cradled panels at 36 x 36, the size I had intended to use. If they don't work out I'll either build my own panel, or give one of the other suggested companies a try.


kangbarok said...

wwwwwwooooooooooow.. !!!
great painting... good luck !!!

Jack said...

I can't believe that's a painting. Great work! View my artwork at:

Dean Grey said...

Gorgeous and shiny!

The colors are wonderfully intense in each pool ball!