Monday, June 15, 2009

Sack Lunch

Sack Lunch
oil on canvas
6'' x 6"

I decided to hang the big mixer up on the wall for a week. Let it dry following the second pass, and while that process is taking place, do a few ebay paintings. I know that I'm taking too much time on this mixer painting, but I want to get it right. After the first layer was complete for each of the five ebay paintings, I picked up on a subtle running theme. All but the final painting used the same color palette. This may be a good thing, or it may not. Nonetheless, that's how it worked out. I'm really drawn to "earthy" colors, ie. variations of olive green, browns and dark reds. I hope this weeks posts won't appear too redundant. I believe the variety of subject matter may help tone down the accumulative effect of those repetitive colors. If you'd like to bid on this painting, you can access the auction by clicking here.


Carolina said...

Great transparencies... Beautiful painting.

Shadow Eyes said...

Great work and no, your posts weren't redundant. I too tend to learn toward earthy colors and have noticed a consistent color theme in my work. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your pieces. You have a gift for glazes and transparencies.

rania123456 said...

it is really helpful thanks so much.. nice post!