Friday, November 21, 2008

Oreo's: 3rd Completed Commission Piece

oil on canvas
30'' x 30"

These commissioned paintings have me longing for the time when I could complete a piece in a few days. I really miss that sense of instant gratification. Oreo's has taken the better part of two weeks, and after much struggle I feel it's finally done. As usual it seems there is more I could with it, but I think the extra work would be lost to most viewers. Spalding Nix, my liaison with the client, took the first two completed paintings in Monday morning to company headquarters. There was to be an unveiling of the artwork completed to date by all of the commissioned artists. I wanted them to understand that the paintings had not been varnished, and that I would need them back for that final step. I also wanted to impress upon him that the paintings would look better after the varnish had been applied. I'm nervous enough about how these will be received by the client. Wednesday Spalding came by to return the paintings. He said they were a hit, and that there had been talk about new work they would like to commission. Cool. Spalding also had good things to say about the latest painting above, which was a relief to hear. So, now it's on to number four. A bag of Lays potato chips.


Jennifer said...

Bravo! The work is wonderful.

Dean H. said...

One word....


m collier said...

This is GREAT !!!

Marilyn M. King said...

These Oreo's really give the "WOW" response from me! I can't imagine how you could have gotten all those blacks correct. What patience you have and callouses I imagine. LOL You must need a good massage. (not offering-sorry)

Alvin Richard said...

The surface light and details on the cookies is as authentic as the real thing.....AMAZING!

Pierre Raby said...

Oreos cookies never looked so sexy - what an usual and surprising composition! The subtle differences between each textured part of this painting show how wonderfully you've mastered your brushes and colors. This is an amazing piece.

John Vander Stelt said...

To me the lighting from above makes it feel like a performer standing center stage with a spotlight saying "Look at me!" Nice work as always.

Garden said...

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Edward Burton said...

Amazing job! I agree with John, the lighting really makes it stand out - like a performer.

Anonymous said...