Thursday, August 31, 2006

Destin Sunrise

oil on 1/4'' hardboard panel
6'' x 6''

bidding has ended for this painting

Karen and I have been going down to this stretch of beach near Destin for nearly twenty five years. It's the place we go. The personality of the area has changed quite a bit since those early days. What was once a laid back piece of Florida, has over the years become a very popular place with the developers. The sounds of gulls, and the sea have given way to the noise of nail guns, and cement trucks. Never-the-less, it's like our second home. We can't wait to get back.


Jeff Hayes said...

It's beautiful Neil.

Luis Colan said...

you have a masterful sence of color and light!


todd said...

Wow! Very Edward Hopper like!

Takeyce said...

Excellent. very luminous.

Vivienne St Clair said...

Your work is truly amazing, Neil.

Anonymous said...

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