Friday, August 18, 2006

Clay & Steel

oil on 1/4'' hardboard panel
6'' x 6''

bidding has ended on this painting

I borrowed this clay pot over a year ago from my mom to paint, and never gave it back. I will - eventually - but I love painting it so much that I think I'll keep it a while longer. Karen picked up the stair-stool at a flea market near Highlands, NC. It's so cool. A little rusty but a great piece of retro furniture.


Jeff Hayes said...

Hi Neil,

These are of course absolutely superb.

I'm glad to see you've started a blog - I'll come back often!

Best wishes,
Jeff Hayes

bdelpesco said...

Oh Goody, a Neil Blog! Lucky Me! And even luckier that Mom's Clay Pot has returned as a still life subject. The frst painting I saw - maybe 18 months ago - was EXQUISITE, and I still think about it, and wish it was part of my NH collection. You rock.

Louis Boileau said...

Amazing paintings...all of them!

Luis Colan said...

hi there, came across your site through Karin Jurick's and wanted to say hello. I think your work is amazing, not so much because of the rendering but because of your use of color. Love how you balance your warms and cools.


David R. Darrow said...

Absolutely outstanding work!

I learned about you on Karin Jurick's site, and am proud to list you on my own site as another Daily Painter.

Your work is just fantastic!


MTYokawonis said...

You have a fantastic sense of design Neil. So does Karen. You both inspire me as a painter even though I work mostly in watercolor.

Just starting my own blogging journeys and dopping by to say Hey.