Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Website

For the last few months my mornings have been spent rebuilding my website and that of Karen's site as well. My previous website was created using Freeway Pro, but the company announced that they had closed up shop and were no longer supporting their software. They also could not confirm if the program would be compatible with the newest Mac operating system, or future OS to come, so I began my search for a new program. I spent a lot of time checking out the various web based options (this seems to be the future) and finally settled on Squarespace. The learning curve wasn't too steep but our sites are rather large (especially Karen's) so it has taken a bit of time. Yesterday I uploaded my new site and it seems to be working okay. Karen's site is still in progress but should be ready in a couple of weeks. If you'd like to visit my new site the address is still


Susan Liles said...

heads up....your link to your website is not working under your latest posting.

James Neil Hollingsworth said...

Hey Susan - Thanks for the heads-up!