Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunbeam Mixer No.2: in Progress Day 3

Sunbeam Mixer No.2   |   24 x 24   |   Oil on panel   |   in Progress: Day 3

There was some re-scheduling done with the last planned Coke commission, so I decided to move on to what I had intended to paint next. I had done this mixer once before in a full frontal version, but wanted to paint it again in profile to take advantage of its awesome reflectivity. 

I figured I'd go ahead and post "in progress" images of this piece. I got a pretty nice response from visitors to the in progress photos I posted of the Coke commission, so I thought why not try it again. This is the third day of painting. 


k s stitt said...

Hi James! Thank you once again for posting "in progress." Are you working from an acrylic start again? Or straight to oils? Also, it looks like you paint a flat base and then re-draw details over that. Is that your approach. (Loved your big grapes at the LA Art show!)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Love your work and a big fan of 'in-progress' posts. Are the white drawing lines done in white charcoal or color pencil? Thanks.

James Neil Hollingsworth said...

Hey K - I don't like painting on a white background so I tone the panel with a warm grey. Thanks for the thumbs up on the Grape painting.

Doug - I used a white watercolor pencil. I usually use a dark grey pencil but my wife always uses white for her drawings so I thought I'd give it a try. The jury is still out on which I prefer.

David Parker said...

Looking great Neil! Thanks for the progress shots. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Dean H. said...

Looking fantastic, Neil! Always enjoy your WIP's!!


Julie Beck said...

The watercolor pencil doesn't make the paints all wonky? And for your normal use, do you use a graphite pencil? I am having the hardest time figuring out the best way to transfer my drawing onto my canvas!