Monday, November 05, 2012

Commission No.2 - Black Grapes

Black Grapes Commission  |  16 x 20  |  oil on canvas

The second commission to come from the summer show at Tree's Place Gallery is Black Grapes. I have to admit, I took a couple of days off during this piece to take advantage of Karin Jurick's offer for Karen and I to stay with her and Brett at their place on the beach at Hilton Head. She was to be teaching one of her wildly successful workshops there and had rented a wonderful house right on the water. We couldn't hardly pass up an opportunity like that, so we packed up, once again, and drove down to the beach. We had two terrific days there. Sandy had little effect on that region, in fact the weather was great. The water was very choppy, but the surfers loved it. 

Brett and Karen walking the dogs a.m. day two

Once we returned I got busy finishing up Black Grapes, and now I'm onto the third commission another large Ketchup with salt and pepper shakers. It should be completed sometime next week. 


martinealison said...

J'ai une belle envie de vous soutirer un grain !... merveilleuse peinture.
Un endroit qui me semble très sympathique pour faire une pause.
gros bisous

Cindy said...

These grapes just blow my mind they are so cool and beautiful!


paraskevi malouxou said...

impressing.. just like real!!

Sunil Jumani said...

Nice!! WOW! Both fabulous works. Congrats on the shows. Know you are loving being in such a glorious part of the world.

Bharti Kher

Shirley Peters said...

Beautiful painting Neil. Have enjoyed looking through your blog.

Sophie said...

Fantastic grapes. They have a life of their own.

Sunil Jumani said...

WOW........... love everything about this. It's because I love what you've done with the colors and the surface is so interesting. Love!

M F Husain

Milliscent Morgan said...

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Allan Murray said...

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Delmus Phelps said...

These are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your paintings. I especially love these ketchup and grapes paintings. Do you have any posts within the blog on how you achieve these? What techniques you use? I would love to show some of my readers some of these and how you did them. Drop a line if you can:


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