Friday, October 14, 2011

Jaguar XKE

Jaguar XKE | 6 x 6 | oil on panel

Not too long ago there was a British Car Show in town, and I went to check it out. My first car was a MGB-GT, so I have a soft spot in my heart for British sports cars. It was a really good show, and I got a lot of photos. A bunch of candid shots and potential painting reference material. I'd like to use some of that photography one day for a large painting, but for now I'll indulge myself with a small one. If you'd like to bid on this painting, you can participate in the auction by clicking here.


lampros lampinos said...

i prefered rols roys, but with your car, i 've changed my mind... go for jaguar now!!!

C. Smith Page said...

My art teacher in High School had an MGB GT and I watched him put his portfolio inside the back hatch. I wanted one from then on. I bought one a few years later and my wife and I dated in it. I had it at art school (SCAD) and sold it before graduation to pay for school. I bought another and restored it 10 years later. I sold it a few years after that.
My wife and I have been married 25 years now and we still talk about the MG's. Both were 1971 MGB GT's. Great memories.
Love the art.

James Neil Hollingsworth said...

Hey C - Mine was a 1973. Still dream about that car.

Amarjeet Prasad said...

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