Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A New Book: Six by Six

I've got one more commercial venture to announce before I get back to posting new work for the Tree's Place Gallery show in July. When I got back the proof copy of my first book Paintings In Oil and saw the high quality of the printing done at, I was excited about the idea of producing a second.

Back in 2006 Karin Jurick convinced me to take part in a new art movement that was gaining popularity called A Painting A Day. It was an exercise developed by Duane Keiser, and the idea was, you complete a painting each day for some pre-determined length of time. Many artists decided upon a year, others chose a shorter amount of time, and some never stopped. I knew I was too anal to keep something like this going for any length of time, since for me it was all about the detail. I settled on a time frame of one month. I thought, if nothing else, this may help me to loosen up a bit. A quality I thought I needed in my work.

Thirty days later I had finished thirty paintings. It was a fun, though exhausting, challenge, and afterward I was ready to get back to my more "completed" style of painting. I did however retain the six inch by six inch format I had chosen to use during the exercise for paintings I would create for auction on ebay. Since that month, five years ago, I've done hundreds of these little paintings, and I thought they would be a good subject for another book. Six by Six is produced in a 7" x 7" format so the images are virtually the same size as the originals. The book contains 100 paintings culled from nearly 400 done over the years, and is available in a softcover or a hardback version with a dust jacket. If you'd like to preview the entire book and make a purchase click here to be directed to the blurb website.

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