Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Coke Crate No.5

6 x 6 oil on hardboard panel

I know, I know . . . but there are still some people out there that would like to have a Coke Crate, and personally I like really like painting them. It's hard to beat that satisfying relationship between the colors red and green. If you'd like to bid on this painting, you can take part in the auction by clicking here.


Julie in the studio said...

You just keep painting them if that is what you want to do.
(There. Sometimes we just need permission to avoid guilt....hope that didn't ruin anything for you.)

Dean Grey said...

I like the green tint to the bottles.


Nuwart said...

Hi, I think that you will continue painting because you do it very very well. I enjoy watching yours pictures. The color of the paint is so beautiful, realistic.

I would wish paint like you. I will keen on practicing.

Best wishes,

travis montag said...

Hi I’m Travis Montag. I’m doing an assignment in art where we have to comment on art works that we like. I choose your work because I like Coca-cola, and it got my attention because it looks very realistic.
I like how you used value in your painting, it makes everything fit. I also like the colors that you chose to use, it resembles the actual colors of Coca-cola. I really like the color of the bottles, they look very realistic. The texture of your painting is very good, the box looks very smooth and the glass looks sleek. I like your use of balance in your painting. Having a dark background and a very bright box equals out everything. I also like how your focal point is of to the right of the paper instead of in the center, very unique. I just have one question, why didn’t you have any full bottles?
I’ve done some simple art work like Fauvism and charcoal drawings, seeing your painting makes me want to try painting something similar. You should check out my blog sometime and comment on some of my artwork.

Painting Austin said...

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These pieces can become quite valuable given enough time. Highly collectable.

Young Vic said...

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