Friday, September 10, 2010


6 x 6 oil on hardboard panel

To finish off "metal" week, I've returned to the automobile. Cars and planes are two of my all-time favorite things to paint. I'll be heading out to an auto show tomorrow as a matter of fact for some more reference material. Since I rarely allow myself the pleasure of painting this subject, I've spent some extra time on this piece. Hence the higher reserve on it's auction.

The canvas for the "big cow" is primed, the drawing is in place and tomorrow I begin work on my biggest painting to date. I'm looking forward to it. Hope the final piece approaches my expectations. Might post an, "in progress" photo.

If you'd like to bid on the Thunderbird, you can take part in the auction by clicking here.


Sanjeev Nandan said...

beautiful - the reflections are amazing

This Painting Life said...

Oooh, Ooooh one of your car paintings...I love it, love it, love it!

PaintingLover said...

amazing painting. keep it up buddy

Trish said...

Wow - this is great. I love the point of view.

Chad J Hepler said...

What is more enriching than painting? I just wrote a blog about how painting gives you a natural high. I think everyone here will really enjoy reading it. It's short and sweet.