Friday, July 30, 2010

Painting in Progress: First Pass - Dumbo

24 x 24 oil on hardboard panel

As promised here is an in progress look at a painting I'm currently working on. I rarely post images of my work at this point in the process, because I'm usually not very happy with the painting at this stage. This is a fleshed out version of a similar painting I did at 6 x 6 some time ago, and always wanted to do again in a larger format. I came across this ride at one of those nomadic carnival's that pop up in shopping center parking lots. The little elephant was very reflective and in pretty good shape compared to most of the other rides. He also just looked so colorful and happy. I don't know how much appeal this subject will have with collectors, but I decided to do it anyway.
At the completion of the first pass, my under-paintings are always a bit muddy, and tend to be mostly in the mid-tone range. It usually takes two to three passes to "get it right". I was intending to send this to Elliot Fouts Gallery for a group show he's having in October. My problem is, he is planning to put an ad in American Art Collector showcasing the art of the participants, and the deadline is August 7. As slow as I paint, I'm not positive I can get this done by that date. Hopefully it will be done in time.


Dean Grey said...

This is off to a strong start, James!

I like the glossiness of Dumbo's exterior.

Can't wait to see the finished piece!


Todd Bonita said...

Very strong start...looking forward to comparing it to the finish.

All the best,

Sandra Galda said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Dean H. said...

It's exciting to see a work in progress from you! Looking great...I shall be following closely.
This should be VERY popular among collectors.

PaperPencilArt said...

I love it already.

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